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LeadPro does all the work for you

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If you’re like most people, you’re handling your lead tracking with some sort of spreadsheet – or maybe even in a notebook … or with sticky notes! You may never even know who your leads are if your team does not report this information to you. With LeadPro, you can review, analyze and generate custom reports, set timely alerts, and gauge your sales staff’s performance.

LeadPro makes it easy to keep track of leads throughout the sales cycle, from the first call to the signed contract. 

The streamlined, centralized, and time-managed process keeps your team on track, to track more wins! With ADDS integration, you can automatically convert the lead information into a Master Record, generate a new customer account number, and populate the customer account as soon as the lead status is changed to “won.”

Centralized Leads

  • Customer Add & Modify Module
  • Every lead goes into the same system – whether it has come in by email, over the phone, from your website, or from a walk-in request.
  • Sales reps and customer service reps are all working from the same system
  • No more duplication of leads – LeadPro lets you quickly check existing requests

Sales Cycle Management

  • Time-sensitive status levels – each step throughout the cycle can be given a maximum response time. If the account hasn’t been updated within the time frame, both the sales rep and management are alerted by email.
  • Action Alerts – The system will repeat action alerts until the next step has been completed
  • Less internal paperwork – reps can update the leads, alert management, and request proposals directly through LeadPro. Email alerts to the appropriate departments can move the process along, without requiring additional emails or paperwork.

Data Security

  • Password protected
  • Limit User Access – Administrators can manage access on an individual basis

No More Lost Leads

  • Manager Alerts – LeadPro can alert management about new leads, status changes, missed deadlines, and lead conversions
  • Custom Reporting – Management and authorized users can request reports by any LeadPro filter – sales rep, account name, status, last date changes, or other criteria
  • Performance Analysis – Review individual employees win/lose percentages

More Successful Closings

  • Stay in touch – with its managed reminders, LeadPro helps your sales team develop stronger relationships with the customer
  • Manage customer concerns – ongoing customer contact opens communications to quickly respond to any questions or concerns
  • Close the deal!

Automatic Account Creation

  • Create New Accounts – Integrate with your ADDS Account Create/Modify Module with a click, and automatically:
    •  Submit lead contact information to create a Master Account
    •  Receive new Account Number from ADDS
    •  Complete account information for Look Up utilizing LeadPro data

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